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About Us

To provide quality medicines at an affordable price to all and in turn improving the quality of their lives.
By practicing excellence in every nuance of manufacturing, we assure timely supply with best quality. We make sure that our company’s values and ethics are incorporated across processes by every person in our Acumen family. We aim at empowering our staffs by providing leadership opportunities to increase their personal & professional growth.
about us

Quality is not an act, it is a Habit

We are fanatics when it comes to delivery schedule!

20 years in this field we have the ideal balance between invaluable experience and inexhaustible quest towards innovation and becoming the best version of ourselves possible. Setting up our ‘Marketing Organization’ with the sole vision of "Improving Quality Of Life" through quality products was how ACUMEN was born. Our hard work, values and ethics were welcomed largely in the market and that marked the advent of our ‘Manufacturing Unit’ 15 years ago, strategically located at Puducherry, very near to Chennai. And quality is the cornerstone upon which our success has been built.

The company has achieved this technical excellence by constant R & D activities, conducted by well qualified and competent team of experts, engaged for this special task. And we have accomplished a state where we can assure that any formulation you aspire can be produced within the stipulated time schedule.